2FastBlade Clamp

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2FastBlade clamp is a third-party accessory to the Prosharp as2001™ profiling machine.This product allows you to profile two blades at the same time. You can level uneven blades and the 2FastBlade Clamp guarantees the profiles of both blades are always identical. Also, because you can profile two blades at the same time, the 2FastBlade Clamp halves the time required to profile a pair of hockey skate blades.The 2FastBlade clamp is easy to install and doesn’t require any changes to the profilingmachine.The 2FastBlade Clamp package includes: 2FastBlade Clamp, 2FastBlade Holder, a counterpart which allows you to tighten the blades to the profiling machine, and an abrasive disc (8mm x 20mm x 150mm). The blades visible on the picture aren’t included in the 2FastBlade Clamp package.

Installation instructions: