2FastBlade is a Finnish pro level hockey skate blade that helps you skate faster than before.2FastBlade hockey skate blades are manufactured from a unique material and they are taller than regular hockey skate blades. The surface of a 2FastBlade hockey skate blade is mirror polished.

2FastBlade hockey skate blade provides the following benefits:

● You can skate faster.

● You make faster and tighter turns.

● The blade has an extremely good glide.

● The blade is easy to sharpen.

● The edge of the blade stays sharp for a long time.

2FastBlade hockey skate blades are delivered in a handy storage bag which ensures that the edges stay sharp. The storage bag can fit 4 blades.

2Fast Shot Blocker

  • 3mm impact absorbing foam
  • Abrasion and water resistant surface fabric
  • Strong pressure sensitive adhesive
  • One package helps you to protect one pair of skates
  • Package include 5 pcs 150x250mm sheets

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